Foreign Study

Foreign Study

These services are available for students who have finished standard 12, Diploma, Post Graduation, PhD. They wish to carry out their future education and training out side their home country.

Large Pool:

You as user will have choice from large pool of universities and colleges globally. We will not limit you with fix program or college.


Tailored counseling by personal attention through one to one online counselling sessions. This guidance will help you decide right parth and right program to career.

Time and Cost Saving: 

We provide counseling and session services are online. We use online session booking for students to book their sessions at the convenience as early as a week before. 


Our team creates profile for every candidate‚Äôs course selection, educational background and social and  economic strength to increase the chances of success.

Career Building:

We work to build your career through professional counselling and guidance. This help all our candidates to  accomplish individual and professional success and meet up their dreams.