Be Aware of False Agents who are now creating False sites and false pages and using Whats app to spread them.

image by Kelly Sikkema

Fellow Readers: We have come across a strange image of Laurentian University which I am representing since 2011. This image shows screen shot of a web page that looks like Laurentian web page.

I have received this page from current student and he has been told that it is LU page. Upon doing detailed investigation about the web page, I must say that I was unable to locate the same page on Laurentian University Website.

So we have asked the person to send us the link but yet we have not received any link.

I have also send an email to university to asking me so send me the link where the page is screenshot available with me.

I was straight away told that this is created by agent it is not LU official page.

By this experience, I would like to create an awareness among student that people are doing all means to get money out from you due to COVID-19 situation and they do not hesitate to cheat you even by creating fishing page or even entire website.

Please seek our advice or tell us if you come across something like this so that student cannot be victim of false information and end up loosing time and money.

I am attaching the image with the red marking that clearly indicate that it is not from Laurentian official website.

Always trust official website only
-Hiren Thaker

See all the RED marking. Laurentian University Official site is not at all like this. official site is

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