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Travel to Canada as International students

Dear Students, The Canadian Government has decided to allow, slowly travel to Canada on Temporary Visa. Especially to the International Students.

Kindly note few things here

  • The travel is allowed if your University or College has submitted the covid contingency plan and it is on the list of site of visa office
  • You must give bio metric in the country from where are you are travelling from. Without bio metric the file is not processed further unless otherwise stated.
  • You must not start your study unless you have valid visa of a letter from visa office saying that you can start your study online.
  • After 15 September 2020 the visa is processing as before only. There is no two stage process after 15 September 2020 (As stated by the Visa office of Canada)
  • The delays are very long for temporary visa especially student visas, so we advice to start early. As early as 8 months before the starting date of program.
  • VFS should be open phase wise as far as we understand so the temporary visa applicants (Especially students) need to be prepared to wait longer periods.

Please feel free to write or talk to us if you would like to use our services for your study visa.

We provide online services since 2016 so you can be anywhere in the world and we will be able to serve you.

visit: https://www.ayanaacademy.com for more details.

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