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Visa Facilitation Service Global offices are opening gradually

Here are the details as per the VFS official website. Things are being slowly moving and streamline.
  1. The VFS is starting from 20th November 2020 to accept limited applications for cities of Ahmedabad, Bangaluru, Chadigadh, Delhi, Jalandhar, and Mumbai.
  2. From 25 November VFS of Kolkata, Hydrabad, Pune and Chennai will start. There will be limited acceptance of applications.
  3. From December 02, 2020 the VFS will start accepting various bio metric appointments. The priorities are given to Family Class and Study permit holder.
  4. The applicants are required to fill web form at VFS website to book an appointment. This is a the current scnario until further notice from VFS.
  5. What additional services VFS will provide is also given at their website stated below.


It is a great relief for the students who are seeking to get their Bio Metric done and plan to travel and study in Canada.
Keep following things in mind
  • Your institute in Canada must be under the list which has Covid-19 reediness plan.
  • This must be approved by the Visa office (IRCC).
  • Your institute will communicate with you once they are approved by Government of Canada. If they are approved, they only you are allowed to travel.
  • There are additional restrictions too as per the IRCC website.

Please do not believe the information from unreliable sources and seek proper advice and guidance. If you need our advice feel free to write to us at below email or visit us or follow our official Instagram and LinkedIn

Hiren Thaker

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