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New info about Laurentian University

Dear friends,
Many of our students who have participated in IEP-2019 of GTU’s program, about a screen shot in Gujarati magazine or paper (We cannot confirm who printed it) saying the Laurentian University has put money in Share market and due to that they have issues and university lost Trillions of Rupees.

I was curious about the news so I have done some research online and came to know from different sites that the university management was not at par and then cause the issue with this. The covid-19 situation has added more trouble to the uni.

However, as cost cutting measures, the university is in negotiation through court to close some of programs (Since unions are there in Canada to protect rights of the workers in teaching fields too) that are not working well or enrolment in those program is poor.

However, the computational Science program of LU and the M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering programs got large number of students and they are star programs of the university so students who have opted for such programs or planning to opt those programs have nothing to worry.

The above information is verified by me personally from the Professor of the LU and it seems that the university will be soon come out of the financial crisis.

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