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Changing your College or University

Hi Friends,
One of my student in good faith send me a what’s app message as Breaking News. With IRCC link as Changing your school or program – Canada.ca
The student has done good job by sending me this detail. This will help me to update my reader and explain what it is.

As per the web page of Canada.ca it is said that the student need to update the visa office if they change their College or University. Lets understand this with following three scenario.

You have applied for visa and waiting for the decision and change your college or university

In this case, you must update Visa office with your new offer letter and with explanation. You can’t just not inform them if you decide to change. This is because your visa decision will be based on your offer of admission from college or university where you want to study.

There is nothing wrong in changing the institute as long as you follow the procedure asked by visa office

Your visa is already granted and you change your college or university

In this case, your decision is already made based on the documents you have provided. Now if you change your institute from outside Canada it means your breaking the rules of study permit. In this case, if you are outside Canada you MUST re apply with new details of yours and re do the entire process except medical and finger printing. (If they are valid)

You have choice to go to Canada then change the institute if you feel like you got something better or what ever your reasons are; however, we advice students to do their home work before applying for admission only. If you have good reason to change your college or university or program then you should have no issue in your post study work permit else you might face issues with it.

You are already in Canada and change your college or univeristy

In this case, it is very clear cut that you must inform the Canadian authority that you have changed your institute once and what ever program you have enrolled to.

It is standard procedure in all study visa of all countries to report the student details to visa office to avoid illegal activities or visa conditions breaches. In case if your new college or university to which you are shifted have not updated this information and you have also not communicated with visa office within Canada then you will be having issues in getting your visa extensions of study permits (if needed) or post study work permits in future.

You also should inform the visa office in Canada or inquire with them if you change the program within same college or university. This is because you are given visa on the basis of your offer of admission and other documents. So it is in your greater interest to inform the IRCC office by email or seek advice of your college or university department that deals with this.

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