Ayana Academy studyabroad,Update,USA,VFS US F1/J1 Visa Appointment System Update what is changed?

US F1/J1 Visa Appointment System Update what is changed?

This information is available for Full time students F1 and temp researchers, summer program students and scholars looking for J1 visas

The Us consults/ deputy high commissions in India, where students can’t book appointments for their student visa interviews; can wait till June and July. The most of the appointment slots will be made available in those months. This arraignment requires a valid i20 form which shows the program is starting in 60 days. (Which is 2 months)

We are writing this blog with the best understanding of ours after carefully reviewing the official website of the US consulate in India. This is written here to make things easy for the students in the simplified language. You can cross check these details on official website too.

Why the this way of booking system and how US government knows how many slots to open?

As far as I understand, all students either need i20 or Ds2019 for visa application so all students are registered to Homeland Security site and there by the government knows exactly how many students are seeking visa. This is the way it becomes more manageable for the consulate to accommodate maximum number of student for visa interviews and most of the students get fair chance for an interview at least.

What students need to be prepared with?

The students need to be ready with their i20 and other necessary documents that are required to be present at the time of visa interview. Students must have finished filling the Ds160 (Non Immigration visa form) and submitted, pay the necessary visa fees and have all the necessary documents ready with them.

Can I book appointment first and then fill my DS160?

Yes you can do that. However, you must remember that saved (Non submitted) Ds160 or visa form will stay active only for 30 days. All visa forms are having a unique code starts with AA. This code must be added to the visa appointment portal. Once this is added you cannot change this number. So if you do not final submit your form there are following possible scenario.

  • If you have already book an appointment with wrong AA number or passport number, your interview date can be cancelled or even your interview got cancelled too.
  • If you have filled new DS160 form and submitted you need to cancel your bookings and restart the booking process with new AA number
  • If you don’t have valid i20 or Ds2019 forms in time you may not be able to book appointment on time

I want to go to study in Jan or Feb in USA can I get appointment?

As per the official website of the government of USA, there are limited appointments available for Jan or Feb intake which students need to keep checking on the visa portal and book first available appointment. This is because the availability of international students programs in Jan or Feb are limited so limited visa slots are getting open at that time.

Can I take emergency appointment as it is visible on the US site?

You may take emergency appointment. However, there are clear criteria for this. In case, a student is visiting for short term study, mostly summer program. These programs have fix dates of starting an ending and the student is not getting the date in time, in this situation he/she can request the emergency appointment. But this must be facilitated by official documents.

You may email us @ visaservices@ayanaacademy.com if you have any questions or query regarding this or wish our help for visa interview preparation. Our excellent and diverse experience has lead us to achieve 100% visa success in US study visa.

Hiren Thaker

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