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Choose right and Plan better

Be Aware genuine applicants

Unfortunately, there are many misleading and fraudulent agents and consultants in the field of overseas education. As an applicant keep following things in mind

  • Be alert when your agent says he/she will everything on your behalf and you do not need to do anything. In the beginning, it looks very easy and peaceful since you are not aware about the process but this is the first thing that will end you up in the wrong program in foreign college/university and lead you to difficult situation.

There are some check points for genuine students and applicants that we want you to keep in mind

  1. Do not allow the agency to create a separate email for your admission and visa purpose. You MUST have access to your information at all time.
  2. If agent or agency says you don’t have to do anything and they will do everything on your behalf. GET ALERT. Your passports and academic documents are going to be used and if you are not aware what is going on with your documents you are more prone to fraud
  3. If agent/consultant says they will give you admission. GET ALERT. No agency can give you admission. Only college or university will give you admission. If the college and university is run by agents the better to avoid such college/university in foreign country
  4. The agents/consultants tell you after finishing your education, you will end up on the job of hundred and thousands of rupees. Please note one thing here. YOU WILL BE EARNING IN PERTICULAR COUNTRIES CURRENCY AND SPENDING IN THAT ONLY. Converting in Indian currency is of no use. e.x. if you earn in US dollars you will spend in US dollars only and if you earn in British Pound you will be spending in British pound only when you stay in that country. In addition, landing in good and highly paid job is your skills so you need to develop yourself to get that.
  5. Advising you to join specific program or specific college without knowing your profile. Or you are told that you cannot get to specific program or you cannot get admission to university. You will only get admission to college. All these are wrong and misleading agenda of the agents. Without knowing your detail profile and counselling it is not possible to tell you such things. So don’t be fearful and get panic by such frauds

In our next write up I will update you all about how we work at Ayana Academy to counsel and guide our clients and students.

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